Is the Glamping Tent cold?

The glamping tents have a canvas shell but are sealed and have a heater inside as well as thick blankets on the beds.

Does the Glamping Tent get hot?

In the Arizona heat, it does get quite warm on summer days but because we are at a higher elevation with breezy weather, when the sun goes down it cools off nicely. Tombstone has cooler temperatures than most of Arizona including, the Phoenix area, Yuma, and farther north. The glamping tents have an evaporative cooler which helps cool down the tent.

Is there a bathroom?

Yes. There is a full bathroom complete with a soaking tub, shower wand, sink, compost toilet, and hot water.

How far are you from Tombstone?

We are located on the eastern hillside of the town, it is a 5-minute walk to Allen Street and the Historic District or a quick 1-minute drive to the lower parking lot.